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11 Aug 2017

Setting Up Your Retail Store


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Posted By Herbert W.

While there are numerous chain retail stores located in malls, strip centres and more across the country and beyond, there are some charming, interesting and altogether unique shops that are independently owned and that provide consumers with an alternative to the chain store shopping experience. Opening a new retail store can be challenging as well as exciting. You may be taking every step necessary to physically prepare your store to open for business. However, before you open your doors, you should also consider taking steps to promote your business and encourage potential customers to stop by and take a look around. There are several ways you can best accomplish this.

Using The Signage to Your Advantage

Many people who walk or drive by your retail space are naturally curious about what you will be selling long before you open your doors. You can put that curiosity to work for you before your grand opening with the right signs. Purchase a grand opening sign that announces your opening date and store name. Encourage new customers to drop by your store for the grand opening for great sales, special offers, free promotional merchandise and more. An additional sign can be used on your grand opening day and after to announce that your store is open for business.

Promoting Your Store's Opening Around Town

Those who drive by your store on a regular basis are sure to see the sign announcing your grand opening, but not everyone drives by your storefront. In order to promote the maximum amount of business to your store, you should consider using the services of a graphic design company to create signs and marketing material that can be placed strategically in other locations. For example, some restaurants, recreational centres and more actively invite you to place your business card or flier on a marketing board. With permission, some stores may allow you to place an announcement about your store in their window or to place a stack of marketing material next to their cash register.

Promoting the opening of your retail store can take a lot of time and effort on your part, but it is necessary to do if you want to enjoy the best results on opening day and beyond. While setting up your retail store, consider using signs, business cards and more strategically to attract new customers to your store as soon as you are ready for business.


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